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أفضل 10 أماكن تزورها ليلا في عمان-Top 10 Night Spots in Amman


mman, the beautiful city that glamours the nights with its chill outings and relaxed atmosphere. Let’s be honest, Amman is not a clubbing nor a partying city. It is the kind of city were you enjoy going out to lounges, pubs and delicious restaurants. To be honest, the cultural environment in Amman does not support much of a clubbing life, like Beirut or Dubai does (this does not mean that nightclubs and the like does not exist, because THEY DO!).


We have set up the following list for you in order to help you find the best spots to chill and enjoy your nights in Amman, so go out, have fun, and drive back home safe!

10. The Sanctuary – Sheraton Hotel

The Sanctuary is the Terrace located at the Al-Nabil Sheraton Hotel Amman. It is a beautiful place to enjoy a summer night with a chilled glass of white wine. They offer a live band every now and then, but it is not the best thing about the place. The band is not the main thing about the lounge, and you barely notice them due to their extremely low sound. However, the place offers some delicious lounge food, including Sushi, Salads, Burgers, and Light Snacks.

Keep in mind, this terrace has 4 huge tent-like bungalows which you can reserve in. Each bungalow can fit 4 seating areas which have 2 couches each. You can also reserve for a birthday and get the whole bungalow if you have up to 30 people to seat. They also have small patio couches and seats in between the bungalows which are also perfect for small gatherings. High seats and tables are also available for small groups or dates, which I believe is the best choice of all. Trust me you do not want to visit this place with many people, it will certainly get you bored out of your mind. But it is great for a date, or a small outing. There is a small bar which can seat a few people on high chairs, but certainly is not the best.

The lounge is relatively expensive, offering a Kani Salad (Crab Salad) for JOD 13++ and Quesadillas for the same price. Drinks range in price from beer at JOD 5.75++ to Cocktails at JOD 12++.

The Sanctuary - Top View. Credit: The Sanctuary - Top View. Credit: The Sanctuary – Top View. Credit: Thesanctuarylounge.comThe Sanctuary - The Sanctuary - The Sanctuary – Credit:

9. Oz Boutique Restaurant 

The wizard of Oz! Just kidding. This is one of the best places in Amman if you are looking for a place to eat dinner. It offers a boutique dinning experience which you will certainly enjoy with the boutique menu they offer. The place offers a summer terrace which is usually packed with people during summer nights. Oz is a great combination of the place to go out to a lounge and to go out to eat in style. A resident DJ usually plays the weekend nights and sparks the perfect atmosphere.

So let’s get to their food. This place is also relatively expensive, yet it offers some truly delicious bites that you won’t find elsewhere in Amman. The food is truly to-die-for. I love most of the things they offer. This should definitely be one of the spots to visit in Amman for food and drinks. Their Sushi is mouthwatering, I wish I get more chances to visit Oz and have some of their amazing Sushi. Every time I visit this place, I get stuck in a confusion of “what should I order tonight!” Oh, I should also tell you that their appetizers are absolutely wonderful. The sliders and spinach/artichoke dip are YUM YUM YUM.


8. Library Lounge & Cigar Bar – Marriott Hotel Amman

Credit: marriott.comCredit: marriott.comCredit:

Entering this place is literally like entering a precious library or office room filled with leather couches, low lights, the smell of cigar and a soothing atmosphere. They offer an amazing collection of Cigars that you won’t find else where in Amman. The perfect match of Bourbon or Scotch is definitely available to make your night just as perfect as you want it to be. I have to say though, this place is definitely a Winter go-to place; you certainly do not want to spend your summer nights in a closed cozy atmosphere.

On another note, their food is AMAZING! Don’t forget to try their Mussels, which comes in a Creamy White Wine sauce. Delicious! Their steak is a to-die-for. I ordered mine medium-rare, just the way I like it with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (I can still taste it in my mouth).

The Library Lounge & Cigar Bar is one of my favorite places in Amman to enjoy a cozy night with a glass of wine, a cigar and some delicious bites.

Credit: marriott.comCredit: marriott.comCredit: marriott.comCredit: marriott.comCredit: marriott.comCredit:

7. Ghoroob Rooftop Lounge

Credit: hotels-world.comCredit: hotels-world.comCredit:

Ghoroob certainly offers the right atmosphere to chill on a summer night at the Landmark Hotel’s Rooftop. They combine blue lights that create a welcoming and relaxing environment, along with white couches and high tables. I do love their bar which overs a wide range of cocktails and drinks for you to enjoy during the hot summer nights of Amman. Music is nice, not too loud, just the right volume to spark the atmosphere.

Their food is terrible. I have to be honest. They offer a combination of Arabic Mezza which you can order plate by plate in micro-amounts, which does not even taste the best. I am a huge fan of Mediterranean Food, and this is definitely not the best arabic mezza I have ever had. However, the place is wonderful for drinks, chilling with friends, or even a date. It is recommended that you reserve your table at Ghoroob as they also tend to be fully booked during weekends.

Their view is spectacular from certain corners of the rooftop. You won’t get to enjoy the view as much as you think, as it is visible from a few places only. But it is still worth a visit.

Excuse the below images, as I couldn’t find any better online.

Credit: landmarkamman.comCredit: landmarkamman.comCredit: landmarkamman.comCredit: landmarkamman.comCredit: landmarkamman.comCredit:

6. Dunia Rooftop 

Dunia offers an ambient atmosphere within a Modern Arabian design that combines the ceiling of an Arabian Tent with a modern contemporary design. The roof is surrounded with curtain glass that is kept open during summer nights to enjoy the beautiful summer breeze of Amman. During winter time the curtain glass is closed to embrace the warmth of the place which also offers high standing heaters. You will still enjoy it during winter time as they offer a great selection of red wine from which you can choose to heat up your body.

Their food is truly not over the top. At the same time, it is not bad. However, it is certainly not the place to go to when looking to have dinner or a delicious meal. I tried several of their main courses and appetizers over my various visits, yet, they are all regular plates that did not WOW me.

Regardless, the place overs an amazing bar which you can enjoy your winter or summer drinks on. Their drinks are delicious, and they certainly offer an excellent service. I would recommend you book your visit to Dunia at least a couple of days ahead (especially if you are going on a Thursday or a Friday) as they are always fully booked. The view is not spectacular, but it is definitely enjoyable, as Dunia is located on the top floor of an old abandoned building on the First Circle (close to rainbow street).

Credit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit: duniarooftop.comCredit:

5. Pyro

Credit: cdninstagram.comCredit: cdninstagram.comCredit:

This is one of my regular spots in Amman. Nothing extra spectacular about this place, except that you get to enjoy your outing, chill with friends, and receive excellent service. The place offers an international menu that includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, platters and desserts. Their drinks menu is just any regular drinks menu you can find. This is one of the places where your visit is not about the place but the people you are with; and you get to enjoy every moment of it.

Their food is good (not the best for food enthusiasts, but is certainly normal for a pub). With the great prices they offer (not cheap, but not expensive at the same time considering the prices of such places in Amman) you will certainly enjoy your drink with a meal or small bite. Their sliders are truly one of my favorites in Amman, and is a regular order for me along with my Mexican Beer.

Not to forget, Pyro offers Shisha for those who love it. So there you go, you get to enjoy drinks, food and a decent puff of Shisha (hookah if you will).

The open air space is definitely enjoyable in the summer. During winter they usually offer high heaters to warm the place and the audience, it is pretty cold during the winter, but with a suitable jacket you won’t feel a thing.

Credit: pxdrive.comCredit: pxdrive.comCredit:

4. The Good Pub

One of the newest destinations in Amman is The Good Pub. The place is located in Abdoun next to Caspers & Gambinis, right around the corner. This pub is also one of my favorites during winter time as the seating area is mainly indoors. They do offer a small terrace but I have not seen anyone sit there, even during summer, as they prefer being under the Chilling Air Condition. Their Steak Sandwich is a must try, along with their wide range of beers. One of the few places in Amman that has IPA beer.

Their food is usually served on wood boards (unless its a salad, then you won’t get a wood board). They offer a wide range of beers that will certainly meet your taste. A few of the high tables they have which could seat up to 8 people have a dedicated beer tap, which you can keep filling from and a counter will eventually tell the waiter how much beer you consumed so that he can add it to the bill. This is a new unique idea in Amman as I have not seen it elsewhere. You will enjoy your beer cold straight from the tap, without waiting for the waiter to fill your glass again. Their prices are also extremely reasonable and I truly love their atmosphere.

The bar is great if you are visiting with a few friends or just one person. They usually show all games on their big screen TVs. I certainly enjoy watching the soccer games on their bar, as everyone is usually in the hype and is excited about the game.

(sorry about the picture, I couldn’t find any better)

Credit: Jordansun.comCredit: Jordansun.comCredit:

3. Murphy’s Garden

Not Murphy’s, only their Garden. I LOVE THEIR GARDEN. It is a cozy small garden located at the Red Rose Hotel in Um Uthanyna. The garden features a small bar and patio furniture. The service is excellent, their food is medium quality, but it is a pub, and you will not care much about their food. They do have some good nibbles which you can enjoy with your drink, but nothing special. What you will enjoy most about this place is the atmosphere. You and friends will certainly enjoy talking, drinking, laughing and chilling in the summer breeze of Amman. This place probably fits a maximum of 50 people. So its not the right place if you are looking for something crazy tonight.

Credit: agoda.netCredit: agoda.netCredit: agoda.netCredit: agoda.netCredit: agoda.netCredit:

2. Sekrab Bar & Rooftop

Credit: Rasha Ghosheh via Twitter @RGhoshehCredit: Rasha Ghosheh via Twitter @RGhoshehCredit: Rasha Ghosheh via Twitter @RGhosheh (You can see the mini-van I was talking about on the roof of their building)

Located at the end of Rainbow Street (first circle), this place offers a new idea to the designs of pubs in Amman. As the name suggests, everything in this place is made of Metal Scrap (or Sekrab in Arabic). Meaning, you can find tables made of car wheels or home radiators, or you can simply find a couch made of a the front part of a car’s body. The concept is extremely nice, you will certainly enjoy your time at Sekrab. During summer time they offer a Rooftop which is simply amazing. They have a large square table on the rooftop with a big tree implanted in the middle. It might not be perfect for a big gathering as the tree might get in the way of seeing people on the other side of the table. They also over a Volkswagen Mini-Van on the rooftop that has a table and 2 couches inside of it. It is certainly a unique idea. Some people did enjoy being seated in the Mini-Van, I felt it was too small and crowded. Nevertheless, there are plenty of normal tables and a bar on the rooftop, aside from the Bar on the second floor of the place.

For Shisha Lovers, this place certainly offers a tasty Shisha (hookah) which I know you will enjoy, especially if you are seated on the roof.

The restaurant offers a food menu that is simple and straight forward, a few burgers, a few appetizers, pastas, salads and more. Perfect to suite the atmosphere of the pub.

They carry a variety of cocktails and drinks to suite your taste and needs. Don’t hesitate to ask the waiter for anything.

My one comment about this place is their service. It should be truly improved! Regardless, it is my number 2 so far.

Credit: flip-international.comCredit: flip-international.comCredit: (Mini-Van Interior)

1. Cantaloupe 

Located in the same road as Sekrab (end of Rainbow Street, first circle), this place is perfect for a date, a gathering, a birthday, or any event you could think of. It’s ambient atmosphere is soothing and just perfect for anything you could think of. It is certainly the number 1 place in Amman.

I don’t even know where to start from. Everything is perfect. The food, the drinks, the service, the atmosphere… Simply everything! This place is located on a rooftop, it offers an excellent view for you to enjoy. They offer an open terrace during the summer and a closed one during winter.

Their bar is a perfect place to be seated with a couple of your friends, or even a date with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

I am in love with their wine list, and their cocktails. I visited several times during winter time, and enjoyed different bottles of Red Wine that are rich in taste and perfect with the food we ordered.

I feel bad that I am running out of words to describe Cantaloupe, but no words can truly describe it unless you visit it. So go ahead grab your friends or your date and head to a visit to Cantaloupe. Don’t forget to reserve your table as it gets pretty packed especially on weekends.

Credit: jra.joCredit: jra.joCredit: jra.joCredit: cantaloupe.joCredit: cantaloupe.joCredit: cantaloupe.joCredit: Tip n' Tag Team via tipntag.comCredit: Tip n' Tag Team via tipntag.comCredit: Tip n’ Tag Team via

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